Hi, I'm Elliot

I'm a thirty-five year ol', full-time wedding photographer, who relocated to Scotland to fulfil his dream of living in the Highlands - but I didn't quite make it that far in the end. My Scottish adventure started out in Dundee but before long I moved to the epicentre of weddings in Scotland: Edinburgh. A place I feel lucky to have called home for just over a year now!

I've been shooting weddings ever since I was in my early twenties when a friend asked me to capture their special day on the island of Rhodes. Little did young Elliot know he was in for a baptism of fire (Not just the temperature - 40 degree heat). I quickly learned it was tough but an incredibly rewarding line of work. Fast forward to the current day, I am now shooting fifty weddings a year, mostly in the central belt and I love, love, love what I do.

I'm a huge fan of the outdoors: hiking, mountain biking, surfing and wild camping are my favourite ways to switch-off.  I'm also a bit of a geek at heart, I'm currently playing through Elden Ring. I'm into tech stuff and of course, cameras.

Fun fact: For the last two years I've been developing a documentary photography project called 'Off-grid Scotland'. In this still and moving image series, I documented Scotland's modern day hermits. The project has been featured in places like The Guardian, BBC Scotland and the Scotsman. It has also won me some awards like the 'Portrait of Britain 2020'. It is something I continue to work on in my spare time. A passion project, if you will.

I love to travel. I've spent lots of time in places like: New Zealand, The USA, Australia, and Turkey (I lived in Istanbul for a short short-while). In 2015 I did the backpacker thing, and travelled around South & Central America and parts of SE Asia. During these trips I found myself photographing people rather than landscapes; another reason why wedding photographs feels very natural to me. I've always loved documenting the people I see and meet.