Hi, I'm Elliot

I'm a huge fan of the outdoors: hiking, mountain biking, surfing and wild camping are my favourite ways to switch-off.  I'm also a bit of a geek at heart; currently playing through The Last of US 2 - again. Photography is my passion that allows me to combine the art of image-making, with adventure whilst simultaneously meeting lots of awesome people. I love what I do.

For the last two years I've been working on a documetnary photography project called 'Off-grid Scotland'. In this still and moving image series, I have documented Scotland's modern day hermits. The project has been featured in places like The Guardian, BBC Scotland and the Scotsman. It has also won me several awards including the 'Portrait of Britain 2020'.

Since relocating to Scotland a couple years ago, I have to constantly pinch myself. I initially moved to Dundee to be somebody, but when things didn't work out, I decided I couldn't leave this beautiful place behind. Scotland is now my forever home.

I've also spent lots of time in places like: New Zealand, The USA, Australia, and Turkey (I lived in Istanbul for a short shortwhile). And in 2015 I did the backpacker thing, and travelled around The Americas, finishing off with some time SE Asia.

I grew-up in The Cotswolds, and I also spent a few years studying photography. I graduated from Falmouth University with a first class degree in BA Press & Editorial Photography. I am now living in Edinburgh but continue to shoot wedding all over Scotland, including my favourite place in the world... The Highlands.