Dryburgh Abbey Hotel Wedding

I first met Emma & Aidan at their pre-wedding shoot in Portobello, Edinburgh. We decided to be a little unconventional and went for a seaside stroll visiting the games arcade and they bought ice cream and played around on the beach. In Emma's words, "One of the most fun dates we've had in ages".

Wedding day

It was a bright and pleasant day in March. Much to Aidan & Emma's relief, the weather was absolutely perfect. There was snow in the grounds and hills and the venue itself looked majestic in the glow of the bright morning sunshine.

One of the great things about Dryburgh Abbey Hotel is that everything can take place at the venue. Both Emma & Aidan stayed the night before (in separate rooms of course). In the morning we started out by visiting the gents first and captured some of their getting ready photos, keeping it very relaxed. Emma was up in her room with her ladies and everything was running on time. Later on I found out that Emma used to be a wedding planner so this absolutely made sense!

And before long, it was time to head downstairs.

They had decided to have an intimate wedding with the nearest and dearest there to watch them say their heartfelt vows. The light in the room, which cascades in from the large windows, it was absolutely beautiful. What a great ceremony room!

And then everyone had the chance to congratulate the newlyweds couple heading down to the lawn for group photos.

We had then planned some time to go for portraits around the grounds of the hotel. With Dryburgh Abbey next-door, we also managed to persuade the attendant to let us in for a cheeky few portraits in the Abbey grounds.

It was such a pleasure to spend time with these two on their wedding day! They were so chill but also up for anything - a photographer's dream. We really made the most of it before it was time to head inside for the speeches where things got very emotional.

As with most wedding I attend, about the time the couple finish desert, I go in and ask if they feel like going for some evening portraits using my lights! They agreed and I must say, I was very happy with the results. This ring effect is created by shooting through a small piece of copper pipe (just one of the creative technique I sometimes throw in the mix).

Then it was time for an EPIC sparkler shot where we got creative by using a backlit warm light source (Smallrig 120B) which complemented the cool evening air, creating this dreamy look that I absolutely love. And that passionate kiss at the end. SO worth doing a sparkler shot.

After the excitement of the sparklers (Which the guest loved almost as much as me), everyone was getting tipsy. Emma & Aidan has prepared the most beautiful first-dance with some rehearsed moves that impressed their guests. After the dance was done it was time for for a good ol' Cèilidh where everyone took part and enjoyed thoroughly.

If you're planning to get married at the Dryburgh Abbey Hotel, I'd very much like to hear from you! Definitely an awesome venue with a lot of creative potential.